Hello. My name is Ashleigh Jane Kerr and I am a photographer living in the city of Preston. I have a fondness for animal photography as I have an admiration for animals. I often travel to various zoos with my partner Ben to observe and capture my subjects. Ben likewise enjoys photography and some of his work features amongst mine, edited by myself. My favourite zoo is Chester Zoo. They have a vast selection of animals, but it’s also lovely to see the people working there have such a passion for the animals. 

Animal photography is very much about patience. For myself, photography helps ease my anxiety and stress. Looking through the viewfinder takes me almost into another world, from a point of view only I get to glimpse into unless the shutter is released. It’s amazing to share moments with others, document and preserve them. Moments with my kittens that I would otherwise only get to be a part of. Featuring largely within my work, they motivate me to pick up my camera everyday.

Shooting street photography is another subject I am keen on. It takes me out of my comfort zone. People either treat you as a tourist or act very suspicious and guarded towards you. I think it’s important to read people to avoid confrontation or upset. A short train journey to nearby Manchester gives me a larger playground to explore and always the opportunity to catch up with my brother Chris.

I love black and white old film and documentary photography. The days before digital. I admire the skill it takes to process a film roll. Not matter how hard I tried in college, I never did get one good exposed photograph. I use Adobe Photoshop to edit my work, using the same technique with all of my photographs to keep my work consistent. I recently bought a book containing work by Ansel Adams. I engage so much with his photographs. His style greatly inspires my own. 

There you have it, a quick insight into my world. I hope you find something within my photography that interests you or makes you smile. If you like my work, leave a comment and send it some love.